The Muscle Gel

Helps to regenerate muscle soreness & pain

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Already proven many times
Andreas D.

Andreas D. (translated)

"Cools first and then the heat effect starts. The application is handy and comfortable, thanks to the roll-on top of the tube."

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Florian S. (translated)

"'Cool' product with natural ingredients and convenient roll applicator"

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Marius M. (translated)

"Your product has a very well impression to our coaches and members ..."


By WodShock

THE MUSKELGEL from WodShock works three times well. The freshness system with menthol cools immediately after application. The heat boost will kick in to improve the blood circulation of the muscle cells with a result of pain relief and faster recovery of the muscles. Accompanying this, the CareComplex maintains and soothes the muscle fibers. The used sage oil cares about the skin and the needle oils help to control and relax the painful side effects of muscle soreness.

THE MUSKELGEL is immediately effective against the muscle soreness. Apply once or twice daily to the freshly cleaned skin.

Apply only on healthy / uninjured skin. Immediately stop if any skin irritation occurs. Avoid eye and genitals contact. Recommended retail price 22.90 CHF.

The Ingredients

Fresh from nature


Mentha arvensis var. piperascens

Menthol has a cooling, itching softening and analgesic effect and is contained in numerous medicines for the treatment of skin diseases, colds and sports injuries.

Mountain Pine

Pinus mugo

The aromatic substances of the pine tree stimulate the circulation of the blood. Used in liquid form locally, they relax tense muscles and relieve muscle soreness or back pain.

Spruce Needle

Picea obovata

The active ingredients contained in spruce needles support blood circulation and have a pain-relieving effect. Local application counteracts painful rheumatic muscle and nerve problems.


Salvia officinalis

Various substances contained in the sage are disinfecting and anti-inflammatory. Sage lotions are excellent body care products that help with many skin problems

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